A good fit?
With more than thirty years of design, business and technology experience, we have seen major changes and improvements in many fields and a greater understanding of the value of design in business success. But we are still learning every day. 
FigDesign is most effective when working with clients who have a range of marketing needs. Rather than doing project work, we find that we can be the most helpful to those who prefer an experienced expert to help guide their visual and verbal branding over a period of months or years. We want to create timeless solutions that serve clients long past the terms of our engagement. 
Typical projects include logo and identity development, rebranding, naming, style guides, marketing materials, art direction, and web sites.  
Next steps
If you find our work interesting, contact David Fiegenschue through the Contact page. We'll have a conversation about your goals, schedule and budget, and set up a meeting. If we see eye to eye, we can work together to solve your business problems efficiently — and have fun doing it!
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