Successful psychologist and life coach Om Prakash has been in private practice of Clinical Psychology for over three decades. In the early 2000s, after receiving extensive training from the Mentor Coach LLC program, he added life coaching services to his practice.
“Dr Prakash brings deep life experience, careful thought and practical wisdom to all his clients,” says FigDesign’s David Fiegenschue. “He was involved in the “Quit India” freedom movement launched by Gandhi, and spent time in prison that inspired him to serve others in meaningful ways. Our goal as designers is to present the man — and the many holistic benefits he offers — in a way that is clear, helpful and professional. I certainly have grown in many ways through his generous advice and guidance.”
The web site allows Dr Prakash to add blog posts and articles he wants to share with his online followers. Though in his 80s, he communicates regularly through Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.
The web site is responsive, adapting its layout to fit beautifully on phones and tablets as well as desktops.
FigDesign also created a visual brand for Dr Prakash using rich, warm oriental colors and clean typography. A simplified mandala-like symbol provides the central focus. Mandala, from the classical Indian language of Sanskrit, is loosely translated as “circle” and is an appropriate representation of the process and centering results of his practice.

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